Modern Day Revivalists

Our first worship revival night will be on Saturday June 21 5pm at True Life Worship Center 215S Hollywood rd, Houma,LA with PointofNoReturn and Awake the Bride. Check our Facebook page for more info!!

We believe the church is a Battleship,not the Love Boat most people are in a position of comfort when they should be in a position of warfare. We are here to help facilitate the change.

We are called to activate, mobilize, & equip people in the church and community to awaken people to the power of Jesus Christ to further the Kingdom

We believe in the power of Jesus Christ to break chains and bondages. We want to partner with local churches to help start awakening the power of Jesus in the church and community to further the Kingdom. We want to start mini revivals and will travel to any church bringing with us HipHop, Rock,worship and ministers for a night of revival and encouragement!!