Interview with Matt Baird

Dexter catches up with long time friend Matt Baird of the Metal band Spoken. Matt also leads worship and plays many acoustic shows.  Sorry for the audio as the only time we could record with our busy schedules was while Dexter was on the road. The interview is still great and God exalting!! 


Episode 2 JP’s Testimony

Welcome to The Real Skubala Podcast! Today JP will be giving his testimony. It is important for the listeners to know our backgrounds. Our backgrounds and our paths in life shape who we are today. They shape our outlook on life. We will be having real talks about religion, culture, and life. Our first couple of episodes will be a little longer as we go through our testimonies. We have some great episodes ahead! We will be talking about Candy Coated Church, Tattoo Taboo, The Jesus Genie, and a few other exciting topics!