Commandment #10 Don’t Covet

Nothing is essential but God. Nothing material can ever take His place. Covetousness is allowing your heart to desire something as essential—and then expending your best energy getting it.

Covetousness is a sin that is so subtle because, for one thing, nobody sees it.

The way you end up committing adultery is first by coveting. See, you covet in your heart, and then you adulterate with your hands. And if you deal with the coveting problem in your heart, then that will resolve the adulterating problem with your hands.

Many of our sins start with our coveting. In the eighth commandment, it says, “You shouldn’t steal.” Well, where does stealing begin? Stealing begins with coveting. You say, “I really want that so I’m going to go take it.” It begins with coveting, longing for, desiring, someone or something that you’re not supposed to have, but you become obsessed about it to the point where you’ll do almost anything to obtain it. So, it’s cause and effect.

#10 Don’t Covet


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