You can check out the sermon from this morning on compromise by following the link below

There is no greater word that can describe the state of the modern day American church than compromise. The root of all the fruitlessness is compromise. Compromise is a leaven that when it hits a movement it does not only affect the ones in compromise but it permeates to the point that a little leaven, leavens the whole loaf.

Don’t think the devil wont try to give you everything you desire to keep you from your purpose. He can only tempt you with what you can be tempted with. He knows if he can get you to compromise in worship, then he can get you to compromise in church, then in your prayer time and eventually you will fall way. If he can’t get you to do that he will keep you busy with work chasing the American dream to keep you from your purpose. Don’t think he won’t make taking that job away from home, stepping down from ministry, missing your wife and kids and forfeiting your purpose of God very appealing.

The first thing you lose in comprise is not the anointing, the revelation or the gift, it’s the intimacy. You stop spending time with God. Intimacy with God is where supernatural things are produced. Spiritual reproduction is a result of intimacy with God.


Food Pantry and Homeless Outreach

Revival Life Church has started a ministry that deals with the helps and needs of the community it is called “Servants Heart”. We have about 5 families that we will be providing everything for their Thanksgiving meal. We will also be serving the Homeless jackets,blankets and food, We will need to purchase various items. We are taking Donations though our website’s online giving, ALL donations are Tax deductible.

you can give here