Taking Offerings in the Church

So, for years, people in church (and people outside the church) have taken shots at churches taking up an offering because, after all, we REALLY sound spiritual when we criticize something that we feel others might possibly agree with.

If you have ever been to a college or pro football game—they take “an offering”! In fact, you have to pay before THAT “church service” even begins.If you have ever been to a concert, you “gave an offering.” Concert tickets and experiences are at an all time high, and no one is sitting in the concert angry and complaining out loud that “the only reason they are doing this is because they want my money!”
Anytime we go to see a movie or watch a play at the theater they take “an offering.”

In fact, if we want to get REALLY serious …

Starbucks just wants your money.

Apple just wants your money.

Target just wants your money.

And yet very few people complain about those places because, we tend to not complain about giving money to things we truly value or worship.

So, consider this—the next time a person complains about the church taking an offering or asking for money, it is most likely an indictment in regard to their own heart that they are trying to deflect on the church by appearing to sound spiritually superior by criticizing something that Scripture clearly instructs us to do.

1. I realize that everything I have is a gift from God (Deuteronomy 8:18) and the offering is a time where I have the privilege of giving back to Him a portion of what He has already blessed me with.

2. I believe what Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 about money being the #1 competitor for my heart, and the offering is a time when I can tangibly say, “Jesus IS Lord!”

3. I believe there is not a better investment on the planet than the local church!

4. I realize that when I give money to something, my heart will always follow it (sort of like what Jesus said in Matthew 6:21).


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