Revival Life Church

After many prayers and counsel we have been given the opportunity to be Pastors of Revival Life Church in Houma,LA. We are located at 215S. Hollywood Rd, Houma,LA 70360.

 Our heart is to build a thriving local church, that not only teaches the eternal truths of the Word of God but mobilizes individuals and families to live them out in there everyday lives. We believe that the Gospel never changes but the methods that we use to reach people do. It says in Psalms that, “Those who are planted in the courts of God, will flourish”. Our goal is to create a fun, loving, faith-filled community that will help people flourish and become all that God has designed them to be.

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 The mission of Revival Life Church is to:

         Exalt Jesus by living a lifestyle worthy of being called Christian and by honoring, praising and worshipping Him.

         Excite the Body of Christ by inspiring people to pursue a more intimate walk with God through prayer, teaching, and worship.

         Equip by providing training and discipleship on how to copy Jesus’ attitude and lifestyle of love and service.

         Engage people with real opportunities to put transformational principles to work in their lives and the lives of others through outreach, missions, and ministry.

         Empower through impartation and ministry, bringing release to the resurrection power of Christ found in the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit through relationship, mentoring, and sending.


We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God. The Holy Spirit inspired the writers of the Old and New Testaments pointing to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

We believe that there is One God, eternally revealed to the world in the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. By Him were all things created.

We believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to redeem all of mankind. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life on this earth, performed many undeniable miracles, was crucified for our sins, buried and was raised from the dead for our justification. By the name of Jesus Christ, and His name only, can mankind be saved. Jesus Christ sits at the Right Hand of the Father and will return personally in power and glory to receive His Church unto Himself.

We believe that mankind is sinful by nature and will perish without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as revealed in His Gospel. That God wishes that no one should perish, but that all would come to this saving knowledge through the preaching of the Gospel to a lost and hopeless world.

We believe in the multi-faceted work of the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin, revelation of the truth of the Gospel of Christ, drawing of the sinner to God, adoption of mankind into the Body of Christ through regeneration, and the distribution and administration of the Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life. Jesus Christ is the “baptizer with the Holy Spirit” for the empowerment of the Church through the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the local church as a place where believers gather together for edification, teaching from the Word of God, and ministry to and through each other according to their spiritual gift. The local church provides identity to its members as well as encouragement, interdependence, fellowship, correction, and discipline.