Ministry vs Performance


Ministry vs Performance
I often get the little monkey performing on a street corner stuck in my head every time I hear a Christian say they going “Perform”.

Being in music ministry I often hear and see Christians using the the word “I’m about to perform, pray God word is heard” or something to the like. It always bothered me to hear the word “Perform” when used as describing a ministry.
There is a HUGE difference between the two. Performing is for the pleasure and approval of the audience. Ministry is for the approval and glory of God! We Christian artists MUST be aware of this difference and make sure we are not performing when we are ministering.

Now, there is a such thing as “Christian Entertainment” that requires performance. But to say “hey we out in club getting ready to perform for Jesus” is an oxymoron. Performance always puts the performer in the spotlight. You can hear it when they speak, rap or sing. Ministering is all about Jesus and bridging the gap. Bringing people to Jesus, singing, rapping, spoken word, dance,etc. The focus should always be about Jesus and bringing the listener to a closer intimate relationship with Him.
God gave musicians, singers,dancers,songwriters a gift. What we do with that gift is our choice. But it was given to us for God’s glory and His glory only.
I do believe we must have a professional attitude when doing our gifts. But not a diva rock/rap star attitude. We develop skills to be used in our ministry but skills should never trump ministry. 
I wrote this encourage my fellow Christian artists to be aware of the line between performance and ministry. It is a fine line because our ministry is a fun one. It is one that people automatically try to be put up on pedestal for. Our culture in this world puts musicians and set them up as “idols” all the time. We as Christian artist must be careful not to allow those people to set us up as idols. 


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