We have created a sterile environment in the Christian World. We have Christian coffee shops,tv stations, music,clothes, movies, night clubs(yes I know of some), etc. when we stay I. A sterile environment and live in our sterile bubble we do not know how to act when we do get in a “dirty” (world) environment. What ends up happening is we separate ourselves from the world so much that it becomes not a battle between light and dark but a battle between Christian and secular. We get caught up in our lingo and our preaching that we forget we are the light of the world. That we are here to “Go and make disciples” to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead we make the very people we need to be witnessing to our enemy. We need a different approach Christians! Wake UP! I have the majority of my body covered in tattoos and twice this week I have been asked by non Christians, ” How can you be a Christian with all those tattoos? Every Christian I met said I/we/them were going to hell because I/we/them had tattoos”. Wow judgemental haven’t we been ? Again Jesus calls us to be a light unto the World, and also a disciple maker. Let’s follow Him and do what he says!



During times of a drought people pray for rain for two reasons. 

1. For their lawns to look good

2. To feed their children


The revival rain that we are praying for as the church needs to be the kind of rain that makes a generation live or die , not make us look good. We need to stop looking at rain as something that will make the church look good amongst all the functions and start looking at rain as something necessary to germinate the seeds that have been planted. We need to move away from the mindset that revival is fun, revival would be neat and move into a mindset that if we do not experience revival we will lose a generation of people. Of we do not experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit we are in danger of losing an entire generation of people who will not come to our church because they like the building, the music or the preaching. It has to be the kind of rain that comes to germinate a dormant seed that grows into producing fruit.