Finding your tone


The quest for tone is an expensive, heartbreaking, and time consuming trek through the unknown. I started with borrowed gear. A GK amp with a hartke 4×10. Then to an Ampeg SVT4 Pro with an Ampeg 8×10 finally stopping with a Thinderfunk 550B with an Ampeg 8×10. I plan on staying here a while. I can pretty much dial in whatever tone I want. I can go sterile solid state or nice warm vintage tube. High mid funk sound to gritty numetal. I also chose to stay with Rickenbacker. Before I go any further Rics aren’t for everyone. To spend almost $2000 for something you need to really like it. The tone that you can pull out of those guitars are heavenly. I started with a 6 string Ibanez then a 5 string ibanez then a ERNIE ball Musicman stingray 4 string. Then a Ric. I play it with my fingers and really dig in or some songs I use a pick and double time strum up and down to give a rhythmic flow to a song. All in all the reason for this is buy what you want from the beginning save yourself time and money. Oh and I didn’t even mention my pedal board. That’s a whole different trek in itself, maybe I will tell that story one day.


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